HR Lesson in Getting It Wrong via 80’s Worst Song Ever (bang, bang..)

So today I’m in the car…XM is on the fritz so am listening to one of  a million classic rocks stations in Birmingham, AL. Don’t get me started on the radio music scene….

So this morning the Patty Smyth/Scandal song “The Warrior” comes on.  You know the 80’s anthem (good god it is hard to repeat the lyric) “shooting at the walls of heartache, bang, bang….”.  Dear lord I cannot continue…..and I am from the 80’s and can appreciate an anthem.

I tweet out my distaste of this song that I despised even back in the day and to my surprise a myriad of my coworkers/ twitterati, etc respond.  For the love of God, most favor the tune; Love the song. Most don’t understand why I don’t like it.  Several said “so you’re not a warrior?”, “I’m a warrior”, “can’t believe you’re a hater”.

I was in shock and awe folks; shock and awe.

So the HR takeaway:  remember your perception of employee likes and dislikes is always wrong.  Always. If you don’t believe me check out this cool Dan Pink Video! (love the 80’s references on it). Getting a handle on what they think is vital to strategic success. Study after study show what employees favor is almost always different from what leaders think employees favor (or are motivated by or engaged by).  Since corporate success hinges on employee engagement, HR rockstars need to embrace this concept of, oh…I don’t know, asking employees what motivates them.

If not you may be shooting at the walls of heartache….o god I can’t believe I went there.

PS– Patty Smyth seems to be doing OK despite my wholehearted distaste of this song==>> she and hubby John McEnroe seem to be living the good life.  So kudo’s to you Warrior Lady…

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12 thoughts on “HR Lesson in Getting It Wrong via 80’s Worst Song Ever (bang, bang..)

  1. While I never liked Scandal, it has some stiff competition for worst 80’s song ever:
    Rock Me Amadeus – Falco
    We Built This City – Starship
    Girl You Know Its True – Milli Vanilli
    Hangin’ Tough – NKOTB
    Kokomo – Beach Boys
    Sussudio – Phil Collins
    Anything by Richard Marx
    Anything by Rick Astley
    Heartbeat – Don Johnson
    God Bless the USA – Lee Greenwood

    Warrior suddenly doesn’t sound as horrible in retrospect

    1. @akabruno Rock Me Amadeus is PURE GENIUS in my book! I challenge you on that one sir! We Built This City = Sucks. From White Rabbit to We Built this City is tragic. Warrior still bad….

  2. We Built This City – Starship is the worst. I believe this has been scientifically proven.

    But I HATES Lee Greenwood in his own special way.

  3. Yeah, I didn’t much like it either. But then again, compared to some of the pap that is coming out these days, its pretty tolerable. If you drop the lyric track…

  4. Never cared for the song but a very good point taken! Now what was that about “Rock me Amadeus”?

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