Hey Richie! It Ain’t Cool to Dis The Fonz at a “Thumbs Up” Convention….

So I’m at a local SHRM chapter meeting….

Don’t all strange stories start that way?  And I saw a train wreck of tremendous proportions. A glaring reminder how HR rockstars, unequivocally, undisputedly…

Must. Keep. Their. Cool.

The talk was on keeping employees engaged. The speaker was pretty good and espoused what we all know:  employees don’t leave companies they leave bosses.  The speaker ended and took questions. And it began.

A clean-cut, suited-up attendee stood up in front of a crowd of, say 250, and wanted to give testimony on how he was the living embodiment of why employees quit bad bosses.  In his 5 minute rant he told us:

  • He was recently fired, er, quit
  • That his company, which he named,  was evil
  • That he was screwed
  • That he quit, but not really, but resigned, but was forced out “if you know what I mean”
  • That as soon as he had a new boss his days were numbered
  • His boss was a fool
  • That he was 64
  • That he was….

Then I glazed over.  And the rant went on.  And on.  

Funny, the room didn’t go silent; actually the level of chatter went up.  Attendees were torn between being horrified and heartbroken.  I was gasping for air.  It was difficult to watch since he obviously was trying to network for a new job.  Dear lord the humanity.  I was praying for the Apollo Clown to hook him off.

So I thought this was a no-brainer, but since we are humans w/ emotions it bears repeating. Do not talk bad about your former employer. Period.  It proves you have bad judgment.  Period.

For the love of god HR Pros, candidates, anyone looking for work DO NOT SHIT where you eat.  

It is just plain dumb.

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Dawn Hrdlica-Burke

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2 thoughts on “Hey Richie! It Ain’t Cool to Dis The Fonz at a “Thumbs Up” Convention….

  1. I truly love your writing style and content, it’s so spot on! I’ve seen this scenario go down in the local SHRM meeting. I’ve been the one that let it go to long, luckily learned so when it happened again I kept control and we all moved the train wreck off the tracks before anyone got hurt. Common sense, if you need an emotional dump do it in groups of no more than say 2 people, lots less down-side my friends!

    Keep up the great perspective!

  2. @CincodeWempen Thanks for your comments! Isn’t this the worst to witness. The art of a great chapter leader is swooping in for the save. It is hard to do. Our BSHRM prez did stand up to the challenge. I guess it is the normal for emotion to trump sense…what is not normal is an HR pro not responding appropriately….

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