Talent Anarchy = Comforming to Engagement

I had the pleasure of sitting in a fab session by two great HR pros named Joe Gerstand and Jason Lauritsen.  Their moniker is Talent Anarchy which is a) ultra cool and b) appropriate for the world of Talent management.

Why? They are powerful zen masters; karmic HR dudes really keeping the message deceptively simple.  Do good HR things > good HR things will happen to you and your teams.  Networking is about being authentic; Networking is not about a hard sell.

If you want to read more great things about this session in full, check out Jessica Lee’s Fistful of Talent post .

I think what is absolutely fascinating, more fascinating than the several hundred people who were in attendance for a 7am session, more fascinating than a SHRM11 shuttle bus that actually ran on time, is the notion that the Anarchists of today are connectors open to connecting.  In 2011 non-conformity = engagement.  Up is down and Down is up.

Simply fascinating. ultimately disturbing. Absolutely true.

And I don’t buy that we don’t connect due to smart phones, texting or any other new medias. That is just not true.  The status quo frankly isn’t even using new media tools readily.  At this session, when asked how many had LinkedIn, probably 1/2 raised their hand.  Facebook and Twitter, maybe 1/8th.  So we are NOT hiding behind cellphones or computers or ipad2’s. We do not connect because it is simply frightening.  People do not do things that push them out of a comfort zone.
So the challenge for the conference, the bit of zen I share with you:

Courageously Connect.  You will be very surprised what the world will open up to you.

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