Blogger’s Remorse: I Haven’t Got Time For The Guilt… I Say Guiltily…

New wave HR is cool.  And I’m thrilled to be a part of the revolution.  However…

After SHRM 11 I hit the wall.  SHRM11 = fabulous.  BUT. When I got home it was like the HR was sucked out of me.  I didn’t plan for it, didn’t expect it, it just was.  It’s like when you love pizza and you eat it every day. And you look forward to it:  you plan your pizza week (“today I’ll have a Margherita pizza and maybe tomorrow I’ll check out Salvatore’s for a thin slice”). 

Then you get a job at Pizza Hut.  And the thought of pizza is like the thought of eating broccoli.  Or licorice (black licorice is hell spawned).

So you haven’t seen me at the Insomniac for about a month.  And I’ve miss you all!

Throughout the last month/s I kept saying, I haven’t got time for the guilt.  Saying it failed miserably by the way.  Guilt crept in every other day.  I’m a flawed human being—sue me.  Which got me thinking about guilt and the art of HR.  Most especially guilt and the art of social media.  See, the only thing worse than no social media is abandoned social media.  That’s what I teach others in my social media speaking engagements. So how could I fall victim? And why the guilt?

Well—turns out guilt is good!

Studies show that:

  • Guilt propels us to do more
  • Guilt gets us to correct things we’ve done wrong.
  • Guilt makes us less inclined to cheat (or steal or other nasty stuff).
  • Feeling Guilt makes me NOT a sociopath or psychopath.

Thank God.

Then I thought about my social media abandonment a bit more.  Over my month-long HR insomniac hiatus I still kept my habit ticking by:

  • Blogging for Fistful of Talent.
  • Posting some Daxkonation Posts (Daxko’s corporate blog).
  • Spoke at the North Alabama SHRM meeting on… you guessed it Social Media.
  • Oh, rocked some VP of HR duties at Daxko.

My guilt needs to shove it.

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  1. Welcome to the world of HR Blogger post-conference season funk. It’s normal. It will happen again in December- January. It’s the circle of life. Glad you’re back. AND, nice to know you hate black licorice too!

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