Social Media Zen from the HR Insomniac. Quiet Down Peeps.

Thought I would leave you all this week with a little social media zen. 

It’s Friday.

You’re beat. A little excited for the weekend (gonna hang out at the movie fest, or swim with your kid, or call your pops). But you can’t put down your phone. You can’t stop your tweet-brain. You feel compelled to “friend” a few more. 

That’s all good 98% of the time.  But for 2% of the time, it’s making you feel like a hurricane.  Almost makes you angry; or just confused. Foggy.

A pal of mine, totally into social media by the way, sent me this.  It’s called The Quiet Place.  Click here to check it out: 

Cheezy: YES.

Did it work:  YES.

So I share with you.  Zen out my friends.  Enjoy the weekend.  Put down the phone for just two minutes.

Then pick up your phone and tweet me and this post to everyone you know.  You know you want to.  You know I want you to.


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