If you, HR pro, cannot present >> you are a HACK…

I’ve had it with awful presentations.  In my career I have been to conferences ad nauseam and  have seen a lot of presenters.  Many peeps have written extensively on this topic so I will get to the quick of it.

  • If you are an HR pro and cannot research, create, and present a point of view publicly — you are a hack.
  • If you still read from the screen you are projecting on — you are a hack.
  • If you type huge blocks of text in your slide — you are a hack.
  • If you use any, any, any clipart — you are a hack.
  • If you cannot connect on any human, authentic level — you are a hack.
  • If you bore me to tears — you are a hack.  Selfish I know…but I make the rules.
  • If there are more words on your slides than pics– you are a hack.
  • If you are not able to deliver your message through compelling stories or examples — you are a hack.
  • If you start your presentation by apologizing for how unprepared,  tired, or nervous you are — you are a hack.

I am not talking about the new HR grad who hasn’t been taught properly.  You don’t know what you don’t know.  But if you get paid to present or if you are an HR exec/supervisor/director and you care little about entertaining, compelling and most importantly INFLUENCING me, you need get out of the biz.

HR is not in the business of authority, we are in the business of influencing. Top 3 way to influence = presenting.

Here are three books to check out if you need a presentation intervention:

You can thank me later.





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4 thoughts on “If you, HR pro, cannot present >> you are a HACK…

  1. I agree with all of the above except the “flip chart” one & that’s only because the “flip chart” saved my life once, when technology let me down. Had it not been for the flip chart the only visual I would have had was my suit (which was sweet by the way)…

    Rock on

  2. Dawn,

    When is your next presentation! I want to be there to see how you do. You must be an amazing presenter…good post, although I dont care how people present or what they use as long as it’s good, I learn something and it’s exciting.

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