Surgically Induced Reflections

So I had surgery last Tuesday and I got the greatest gift… a week off.  I didn’t ask for it, but I got it via doctors orders.  And since it was sandwiched  between two holidays my one week was really more like two.  Pure awesomeness.
I, like you, have little self-control when it comes to chilling out. I chill out usually when my doc makes me. And then when he does and I do chill,  I want to kiss him on the mouth then punch me in the head for not doing it sooner.
My surgical reflections from the comfort of my own couch:
Sleep = life. I won’t tolerate lack of sleep any longer. I will also thump any of my colleagues  in the head if they become “no-sleep” martyrs. Without sleep life is crazy. And if things in your life, including work, make you lose sleep, that’s natures way of telling you pull it together.
I’m gonna hang out with my mom more.  My mom came down to help me recover and we had a great time.  I can’t remember the last time we just sat around for days just talking. It really was a highlight of my week.  And good for my head.
Homemade pie is awesome.  One of my friends makes homemade pineapple pie and brought it to a christmas party.  Holy crap it was good.  Someone needs to bring back the art of pie making.  And I don’t mean pre-packaged crust crap.  I mean make your own from scratch.  Carve out some time to make some damn crust for once.
Receiving a handwritten note from someone or flowers or any other small token of affection that you can actually touch, see, and smell in real life is just better than an email. Or an ecard. Or a tweet.  Really, you know I’m right.
So, thank you God for giving me some time to sleep, eat homemade pie crust, receive some heartfelt notes and hang with my mom.  I’m certain when a team member needs some HR advice in 2012 I’ll skip the latest quote from Fast Company and suggest a good cookbook.

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