FOT Webinar: Recruiting In Your FACEbook

Fellow Insomniacs…

On Thursday, February 2, 2012 at 1:00PM ET, Fistful of Talent is about to get in your face.  Webinar style.  And when I say face, I’m talkin’ Facebook.  Many of you, including me, know the importance of having a social media recruiting strategy.  But Facebook, in all its glory usually takes a backseat to LinkedIn and Twitter.  I know I am guilty of this.

Considering there are 800 active Facebook users… relegating Facebook as the third alternative, may need to be rethought.

So here is:  

FOTers Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn are teaming up to present the next Fistful of Talent Webinar : Social Recruiting MacGyver Style! No Money, a Paperclip and Facebook – all a Real HR Pro Needs to Recruit. (Sponsored by the good people at  Branchout)

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Join your hosts on  February 2, 2012 for this one-hour webinar and they’ll hit you with the following Facebook-centric items:

  • Where is social recruiting heading, and why do you need to care as the HR rep of your organization?
  • How a 1-2 person shop can compete in social recruiting (with no money, a paper clip and Facebook…)
  • Understanding the difference between Facebook Pages vs. Profiles and how it drives your Facebook recruiting strategy
  • How to use rarely understood tools like Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Pay-Per-Click Ads to drive Facebook candidates to your open positions
  • How to use Facebook search features to locate candidates on Facebook and contact them without looking like a stalker

Once you’ve exhausted the free tools, they’ll also help you understand what partners like Branchout can do for you and when it makes sense to pay for help.


They’ll be bringing in Branchout’s VP of Enterprise, to answer the tuff questions on recruiting via Facebook.  That’s right – get your questions ready, because they are going straight to the source.

Still not convinced this is worth your time?  Register today and they’ll send you a special FOT toolkit – “How to Find and Contact Candidates on Facebook without Looking Like a Stalker” once the webinar is complete.

So, check it– should be a good one.  I will be there.

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