TLNT’s Transform HR; Fringe HR Is Going Mainstream

Next week, February 27-28, is TLNT’s inaugural conference Transform HR in Austin, Texas. 

Cool title huh?

I am thrilled to be a part of this new event I hope will be a staple in years to come.  I imagine this will kinda be like HREvolution on steroids.  Cool, interactive, forward thinking. The name Transform HR says it all.

What’s interesting is that finally, finally the new type of HR, an engaging/authentic HR many of us in the blogosphere have been ranting about is making it to the mainstream.  Well, one step at a time.

Here are some great reasons you, HR pro, should check this conference out:

  • I’ll be on a panel with Laurie Ruettimann (StarrTincup), Eric Mayer (attorney extraordinaire), Karren Fink (Edmund’s) and Rebecca Meissner (Branchout) talking about the future of social media.
  • The one and only Moneyballer, Billy Bean (yes Brad Pit played him in the movie), will be our main attraction.
  • The dudes from Talent Anarchy will be there.
  • Libby Sartain will be there (the HR Guru behind Yahoo and Southwest airlines).  I’ve had the pleasure of dining with her.  She’s as cool as you would think.
  • You get HRCI credit to hang out with cool people.
  • My Fistful of Talent, CYA report bud Tim Sackett is presenting on What Your CEO Wished HR Would Do.
  • The Starr Conspiracy is hosting a great tweet up Sunday night.
  • Of course… John Hollon will be there too.  With bells on I am sure…

 And Austin is cool from what I hear.  I haven’t been there—but I’ve been told I won’t want to come back home.

 So check out the TLNT Transform HR website.  If for no other reason, you’ll get to see my pic with kooky blond hair.

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2 thoughts on “TLNT’s Transform HR; Fringe HR Is Going Mainstream

  1. So many great things to look forward to next week with this conference. Looking forward to all of the bullet points you mention above. As for Austin, I’m pretty sure it will live up to the hype. It’s pretty damn cool…

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