The CYA Report: The HR Podcast Where Sore Butts Are Cool!

ImageCYA Report #13 coming at you…

Wanna learn why Kris Dunn’s butt hurts?  Wanna know why Garden Gnomes and NyQuill are a bad mix for me?  You wanna hear my say “warsh” instead of “wash”? Oh… and you wanna learn some HR jazz?  You’ve gotta plug into Fistful of Talent’s/ Workforce online’s “The CYA Report”. (Lucky episode 13 by the way).

I am a co-host of this super fab podcast and I have done a TERRIBLE job promoting it.  I’ve got to shout the praises of “The CYA Report”. Shout it…shout it…shout it out loud.  Yes.

Workforce Online has given the green light to Kris Dunn, Tim Sackett, Holland Dombeck, and Moi to ramble, pontificate, fight, pout, and give some good luvin’ to the HR profession. 

Plug in to hear:

  • Kris and I ramble!
  • Current HR news snippets where me and Tim Sackett disagree!
  • Elocution lessons from Holland Dombeck (CYA’s news anchorman)
  • Great interviews with HR knowledge leaders, Tech gurus, and HR product specialists. 

What I learned this week:

  • Wow…I sound like I was born in a place where people where seer-sucker suits, little ribbon ties, and drink mint juleps.  I was born in Cleveland, OH and have been under the delusion that I sound like a Yankee in Birmingham.  Wrong.  I’ve been in the south 20+ years and am now married to a guy named Bo.  Not Beau.  BO- like Bo and Luke Duke.  So now I know why I say “warsh” instead of “wash”. I must say though he is not a redneck…lovely attorney actually.
  • I can leave work at 5:30!
  • Ultimate Software has a succession planning program.  Who knew?
  • Oh, and Kris Dunn’s butt is sore.  

Mash here to hear the latest fistful podcast!

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  1. it’s because of thwiiglt. I used to like vampires more than anything, but then thwiiglt ruined it for me, but apparently for everyone else it made them cool. I don’t really care for zombies though, I can’t take them seriously, only in comedy movies, like Shaun of the Dead or something like that

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