Silence: Shut Your Pie Hole

Last week Daxko was really quiet.  Really quiet.  A good chunk of our top performing team members were attending our annual Achievers Club….in St. Thomas.  Others were attending out-of-town conferences.  As you can imagine the energy in a growing software company is really kinetic so last week the stark silence was really noticeable.

And I got more work done last week than I have since I started here. It was wonderful.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am a talker, a loud one at that.  I contribute to the usual noise.  And an energetic environment can spark so many wonderful things. But this week of silence has been inspiring.  My creativity has increased, my output has increased and funny enough my energy has increased.

So, shut up for a while. Channel your inner Silent Bob; Channel your inner Shy Ronnie.  And you don’t have to change your kinetic culture as you zip it.  Tips:

  • Hide.  You can do that every now and then.
  • Find a quite space in your office and for 3 hours a day work there. Or work there all day.
  • Work from home.
  • Tell people to keep the noise down (if it is appropriate).
  • Workout…like at a gym.  It quiets your mind.
  • Gets noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Literally put on your outlook “I am in the office but am doing heads-down work today.  I’ll return your emails tomorrow”.

Or if you need a little noise to keep it going….a little music goes a long way.  Check this out for some stats and tips on music and productivity.

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Dawn Hrdlica-Burke

VP People & Culture/ Talent Consulting at Kinetix. Advisor. Speaker. Writer.

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