Feel The Thrill – Of Trying Out A New Stall

So I had my third cup of coffee and had to use the “facilities”.  Nothing major here folks- so chill. Anyway, my usual stall was being used.  And I for a minute was a little lost.  My brain wasn’t sure which way to turn or go.  Left or right?  Close to the sink?  Or should I be really adventurous and use the handicapped stall (it’s so roomy).

I left the bathroom and thought; did I really have a complicated conversation in my head deciding what my 2nd alternative stall should be?  Yes, I really did. I mean, do you blame me—I’m used the TP being on the left side not the right. 

Of course you know the rest…by second stall choice was just fine.  Although I still had “phantom TP” pains still reaching to the left for the roll, my trip was successful.   Although I tend to have an adventurous spirit, even I get used to doing things a certain way.  So much so we don’t even realize the little things we become so used to.  We talk about change so much, but creature comforts and routine really are great. 

HR data shows change is hard.  Quickly changing work environments who embrace “failing fast” further complicates the change process.  However, trying new things can be a kick too and usually not as difficult (at times) as we tend to think.  Most of the battle is having a little faith and courage to choose the next stall.

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