Key to #SHRM12: Stay away from the Super Excited

So I just got to the W hotel in Buckhead and am on the shuttle to the big SHRM12 conference.  It’s hot as crap.

Now, i will warn you.  This is a big conference and you are going to run into a lot of people who are “Super Excited!”.  Please ignore these people.  They will zap your energy and make you want to never come to another conference again.

You will also run into people who are going to continually give you their elevator speech… “yes I have my MA  in HR and I was the chapter president of my local shrm.  I am super excited that I am going to get to wear 5 ribbons on my badge!”.  For those of you who don’t know, there is a booth at the Expo where you can get all kinds of ribbons to add to your badge signifying if you are a member, a president of a chapter, etc.   If you run into someone with any ribbons, steer clear.  They take this WAY to seriously.   Gang, I am actually sitting next to this person on the shuttle right now. So, they are out there.

Make your conference experience your own.  I love energy, but stay away from Super Excited… they will make the conference about them.  You want this experience to enrich YOU. There is alot of cool stuff to see and hear.  Keep your cool… and you’ll walk away with a lot of great knowledge.

Despite that though I am really interested in this years line-up.  And you all should be too.  It seems that SHRM over the years has gotten key-note speakers that really do appeal to me more and more. Malcom Gladwell, who I have heard before, is always a favorite.  If you havn’t had an opportunity, please check this guy out.

Did I say it is hot on this shuttle?

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3 thoughts on “Key to #SHRM12: Stay away from the Super Excited

  1. I just posted in my Facebook status how super excited I am to meet you and attend — I promise not to suck the life out of you with my joy the next few days ;0)

  2. GSC-SHRM serves as the state-level affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management. It provides HR professionals in New Jersey with programs, conferences and more. It supports SHRM initiatives within the state, and also serves as an entry points for HR professionals new to New Jersey or for those in an area not covered by a local chapter.

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