#SHRM12 Shuttle Failed Me; But I Found Some Inspiration

So the shuttle failed me today.  I was on my way to a session from my buckhead and my shuttle took an hour to get there and to the conference.

Never fear.  In the spirit of my last post I  loved the one I was with.  I met a lady at the “bus stop” named Colleen Wright, Director of HR for Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.  She is a trench HR pro who I struck up a conversation with: about the heat, about the size of the conference, and naturally about HR.
Here is what was great about the conversation.  She was a trench HR pro, out of the blogger circles, out of the fringe HR spin.  And she got it.  A trench HR pro, educating ME on the virtues of authentic, engaging HR.  It’s importance, its relevance, etc.
Why is this newsworthy.  Because maybe… just maybe the word is getting out. I loved it.
I know this is a small post.  But mighty.

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