Presenters: Channel Your Inner Fonz When You Are Live

I just saw something wonderful.

I have to give a shout out to William Tincup (Tincup and Co) from Drive thru HR and co-host Lars Schmidt from NPR.  I am a fan of DTHR, a daily HR radio show; a show dedicated to highlighting HR pros for 30 mins a day. The same question asked every day of the pro, “What keeps you up at night?”  It think the answer after this broadcast would have been “teaching bad presenters how to be better”.

At #SHRM12 as a part of the new social media hub “the hive”, William Tincup did a live broadcast at the conference of Drive Thru HR.  Cool.  REPEAT – this was LIVE.

You all know what happened.  The inevitable.  Tech problems on a global scale.  The mics didn’t work, the telephone feed- which took a long time to get up and running- had a terrible echo, blah, blah.  No slam on SHRM– that happens regularity.  What doesn’t happen regularity is the presenter (in this case the MC) keeping their cool.

The wonderful Mr. Tincup didn’t sweat it, his voice was calm his body language was calm, he just Fonzed it up.  He made a few low-key jokes, it was cool.  He apologized to phone guest, on the air asked to reschedule, and then interviewed the co-host.  Let’s just say he made some lemonade folks.

Its a little sad that this is groundbreaking behavior.  But when something rare and extraordinary happens, I gotta give it a little love.

Good job boys.

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