#FOT CYA Report: Carol McDaniel, Facebook and Kim Kardashian Shoes

This week I am giving you a double dose of the Fistful Of Talent  and workforce.com CYA report.  It’s too great to only post once.  Here is some more real-time info to help you CYA at work (AKA, more tasty bits of HR knowledge so you can rock your corporate world). 

Click here to listen.

In this new episode Tim and I talk with Carol McDaniel… VP of HR Florida and SVP of Kenetix.  In case you didn’t know HR Florida is one of the best HR Conferences in the US.  To learn more, you gotta listen.   Good stuff.

Also, Kris and I razz on the new Facebook Job board AND… JC Penny’s bold new move to take away all cashiers.  Really.

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Dawn Hrdlica-Burke

VP People & Culture/ Talent Consulting at Kinetix. Advisor. Speaker. Writer.

One thought on “#FOT CYA Report: Carol McDaniel, Facebook and Kim Kardashian Shoes

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