No Kid Hungry #shrm15 poetry slam: doing something is easy

I attended a great event at #SHRM15.  A few social media influencers Rayanne Thorn, Dwane Lay, and Jason Lauritsen organized a fundraiser for “No Kid Hungry”.   Here’s the deal:

  1. They pulled it off in about 3 weeks.
  2. Found a venue (shout out Public House at the Luxor, Las Vegas) that worked with budget.
  3. Got cos they work for to sponsor (Quantum Workforce/Dovetail– maybe some others?). Actually Quantum chose to skip the #shrm15 vendor booth to sponsor this social event.  Folks can relate to empathy better than swag.
  4. Had about 80 in attendance.
  5. Raised to date $3k — still taking pledges.  Click here to do contribute.

You want to do something like this for your organization.  Easy steps: 

  1. Find charity you feel compelled to help >
  2. Find a fundraising platform > 
  3. Have fun; here are some ideas >
  4. Connect the audience to those who have been impacted by the charity. You must connect folks hearts to the cause.  Just stats or just a flyer about the group doesn’t cut it.  
  5. Go for the ask.  Don’t be afraid to ask for donations. And don’t just ask your family (the easy ones).

Simple. No excuses.

Late preppin’ for #SHRM15 conference; no sweat

I’m busy.

You’re busy.

You are probably sitting in the airport on your way to #SHRM15 going what.the.hell.  I’m not ready.  Where do I go.  I just sat at gate C3 and recognized 20 others from my small town going to the conference.  Multiply that times a jillion other cities.  Crap.  It’s a big conference.

DON’T SWEAT.  you’ll be fine.

If you are late on the upswing prepping for the conference, here are a few things that will ease your mind.

  • The App is where it’s at.  Download the SHRM15 app.  It really will walk you through a bunch of stuff.
  • Use your air-flight time wisely.  Spend the 10$ on wi-fi you cheap-skate and work on the plane.  And this is easy work.  All it takes is one hour to surf the #SHRM15 app or webpage to navigate the speakers/schedule.
  • Don’t over-schedule.  Just like anywhere else, enjoy a little breathing room.  I say pick 4 must see speakers.  The rest of the time…..
  • Check out the Smart Stage.  Lots of speakers talking about innovative things.  You can hang out there most of the time.  Problem solved.  Or…
  • CHECK OUT THE EXPO FLOOR.  Check out all the new technology.  Please, don’t miss this part of the conference.  If you are an HR pro you must learn how to leverage technology to help you do your job better.
  • Make scheduling easy:  pick two speakers that will help your organization and two that will help your professional development.  Looking at the speakers in terms of “tracks” is helpful.
  • But I want to give back!  I forgot to register for the SHRM Foundation event!  Give to No Kid Hungry.  A bunch of great HR pros have championed this cause.  Click here to give.
  • Forget to pack shaving cream?  You are going to Vegas not the moon.  You can get some at the Airport, the hotel, a block down any street.  Vegas is build for people who at any given moment forget stuff.  That’s there thing.
  • What about my luggage!??  Fretting that you won’t be able to land, go to the hotel, then make it to the conference to hear Coach K?  Or the Expo?  No worries.  They have a big luggage pen at the convention center to park you stuff while you attend.
  • My nails look like crap!  Airport = nail file + clear coat = good to go.
  • Please have fun.  I mean it’s Vegas.