No Kid Hungry #shrm15 poetry slam: doing something is easy

I attended a great event at #SHRM15.  A few social media influencers Rayanne Thorn, Dwane Lay, and Jason Lauritsen organized a fundraiser for “No Kid Hungry”.   Here’s the deal:

  1. They pulled it off in about 3 weeks.
  2. Found a venue (shout out Public House at the Luxor, Las Vegas) that worked with budget.
  3. Got cos they work for to sponsor (Quantum Workforce/Dovetail– maybe some others?). Actually Quantum chose to skip the #shrm15 vendor booth to sponsor this social event.  Folks can relate to empathy better than swag.
  4. Had about 80 in attendance.
  5. Raised to date $3k — still taking pledges.  Click here to do contribute.

You want to do something like this for your organization.  Easy steps: 

  1. Find charity you feel compelled to help >
  2. Find a fundraising platform > 
  3. Have fun; here are some ideas >
  4. Connect the audience to those who have been impacted by the charity. You must connect folks hearts to the cause.  Just stats or just a flyer about the group doesn’t cut it.  
  5. Go for the ask.  Don’t be afraid to ask for donations. And don’t just ask your family (the easy ones).

Simple. No excuses.

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