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Wanna suck the life out of your engagement strategy.  I mean really take your engagement credibility to new lows.  Multi-task while you are on the phone.

You know what will immediately make your employees think you don’t care…the sound of your clicking keyboard. When you are talking to someone. During a scheduled call.

Since I’ve been around the block a time or two, it really doesn’t bother me too much anymore.  If I hear a clicking keyboard when someone is talking with me, I just say let’s reschedule.  I certainly have lots of other things to do, so I don’t sweat it.  But imagine if you are an employee who has finally scheduled some precious time with you, Sr. Leader.  If you don’t think they’ve been nervous about that call, you may may need to come back down to the Trenches.  They call you, they are prepped, and then they hear the click of your keyboard.  Then they feel… well, not angry, and likely not sad… but just, like a schmuck.

Or imagine you are a candidate and you hear the sound of a clicking keyboard during your interview.  The interview your’ve been sweating for 2 weeks.  The one that is for the dream job you’ve been coveting.  That sound totally sucks.  Then they think you totally suck. Then they think your company totally sucks.  And you know what – they’re right.

I’ll give all of you a break — it is super easy to do this unintentionally.  I know most  mean nothing by it, that is why it doesn’t bother me so much when it happens to me.  And frankly, I’d be a complete liar if I said I have never done this.  BUT….

If someone heard my keyboard clicking over the phone, especially if I was interviewing them or if they really needed my advice as a Sr. Leader or if they had prepped for my time, no matter what the reason — I suck.

Pragmatic HR Tip >  If you feel you still have the right to suck by multi-tasking, or if for some reason multi-tasking it is prudent:  MUTE YOUR FRIGGIN’ PHONE.













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