Candy Everybody Wants: Easy Connections At Work


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The following is a guest post I had the pleasure of contributing to the  WorkXO blog, Culture Chat.  WorkXO is a new start up dedicated to humanizing the workplace.  Check them out. 

Before we talk shop, let’s be clear.  Baby Ruth Bars are the GREATEST OF ALL THE CANDIES.  Don’t be afraid to admit it.  Don’t be a closet Ruth lover.  Be brave and show your Ruth love publicly.

And I’m calling out all of you Butterfinger/ Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Lovers.  Lucifer created fake peanut butter.

So anyway….

I conducted training at our Daxko CSI Houston location.  In a fit of spontaneity, one of the Houston team members and I started coveting a jar of candy on her desk.  We got into a casual conversation about which candy we liked best:  my Baby Ruth vs. her Mr. Goodbar.  Both of us shocked that the other’s top choice was so awful, pulled out all the candies and ranked them from top to bottom.  Now it was starting to become interesting.

Read my whole guest post on the great WorkXO blog Culture Chat.  


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