Game Of Thrones + Performance Planning = Awesome Webinar

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“Shame…Shame…Shame…” if you miss this AWESOME webinar.

You guys know I am addicted to TV (I can think of worse).  And you know I share the good news on leadership practices.  And you know I am a member of the Fistful of Talent Crew.

I’ve got a win-win-win for you.  Join me and Kris Dunn in Winterfell as we serve you up a tasty knowledge mashup…

Join us on May 19th at 2pm Eastern for RAISING DRAGONS: What Game of Thrones Teaches Us About Performance Coaching and Building Teams,” brought to you by Fistful of Talent and Halogen.  We’ll use Castle Black and King’s Landing to explore best practices in performance coaching by giving you the following goodies:

A quick rundown of the history of Game of Thrones from a leadership perspective. Have a favorite character who’s dead? Whether it’s Ned Stark or Khal Drago, we’ll go rapid fire and tell you what they did well from a coaching perspective, then tell you what dysfunction caused them to be… well… cancelled.

We’ll feature the 5 most notorious leaders currently alive on the show and break down their coaching style—where they’re strong and where they struggle—with the help of the performance management experts at Halogen Software. Odds are you’ll find a mother of dragons, a short fellow anddire wolf owner in this breakdown.

We’ll breakdown the five most common coaching conversations in corporate America today and tell you which Game of Thrones leader your managers should emulate to nail the conversation—so they can maximize their team member’s performance.

We’ll wrap up the webinar by telling you what the coaching styles of the 5 characters featured means for their future—and the future of the teams they lead.

You’ve signed up for enough boring webinars, right? Break the pattern and register for our Game of Thrones webinar, and we’ll deliver the performance management/coaching science with a layer of pop culture you’ve grown to expect from Fistful of Talent.


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