Worst Open Enrollment Ever: 10 Sure-Fire Steps To Disaster

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Life is full of hot messes.

Honey Boo-Boo.

Orange “circus peanuts.”

Shia LaBouf.

Black licorice.

Gary Busey.

The list goes on and on….

But when you’re in HR, just about nothing feels more disastrous than a bad benefits open enrollment. So jump aboard the “Hot Mess Express” with me, and let’s look at the 10 open enrollment practices you should always, always avoid.

  1. Wait until the middle of December to decide on your next years benefits plan. Nothing says “I love you” like giving your employees 1 week to enroll. And watch your benefits administrator do back flips when they have to cram 2 months of admin prep into one week. Well, they may not do back flips, but they certainly will be flipping decision-makers something else.…

  2. Try to succinctly explain the math on how your plan deductibles and premiums work when you’re not 100% sure yourself. (Ever experienced flopsweat? You will!!) Seriously, don’t feel bad about passing the buck and letting your broker do this for you.


Read the rest of my post (and the other 8 great open enrollment disasters) on the ALEX Blog.  

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