What I Learned On My Summer Vacation


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Me, my husband and 15 friends vacationed in St. George Island, Florida, for a week.  Here is what I learned:

Making time for life-long best friends is a non-negotiable

I like being called Aunt Dawn

Kids really do amazing things.  Give 6 kids an ipad with imovie and they’ll rock your world

I like to be a little tan.  Me and my BFF always say “tan flab looks better than white flab”.  It’s true (in my case)!!! I personally tested the theory

Raw Oysters, Grouper and Gulf Shrimp are the new Holy Trinity

Dance parties and foosball championships are fun

Sleeping in until 11am everyday has its upside (a big one)

You don’t have to “day drink” to have fun at the beach IF you have a great book

Being introduced to great authors is just the best

A book hasn’t been well-read unless pages are dog-eared, coffee-stained, and the cover is curled over from use

Being nostalgic is under-rated

I want the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the National Championship more than I’d like to admit. #believeland

I’m an introverted extrovert.  I get energized by people, but since my mind spins, I have to be alone often.  I just have to be “off” when i have nothing left

All women care about how they look in a swimsuit.  I don’t know a man who cares about how they look in a swimsuit

I don’t like antiquing

It’s OK to tell your friends you are going to sleep at 9pm, even if they can’t believe you, Dawn Hrdlica-Burke, are the one going to bed before everyone else.  I know, it’s hard to believe

The beach is still my favorite place in the world – sorry Europe

I really do love my job

Cussing in front of kids — well, it happens

Floating in the ocean may be the only place my mind doesn’t spin

Everybody loves my husband

MiracleSuits are worth every penny

Pelicans seem to fly in packs

I drink white wine and eat tortilla chips too fast.  I need some new “favorites” that require slow, slow and slow

It’s time to start some new habits.  Every now and then you just have to say “if what I’m doing now doesn’t work…try something different”.  It’s not rocket science

Work is cool; but not as cool as rest.

Making time for life-long best friends is a non-negotiable (it bears repeating)



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