10 Songs To Survive Open Enrollment

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 2.47.23 PMAs the great Bob Marley said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”.

Well that’s GREAT because one thing that can be pain-inducing for everyone is open enrollment. And just like marathoners need a little music mojo to get them to mile 26, we need some music mojo to get us through all the planning for our busiest month of the year…and to help us celebrate when it’s done. So if you’re looking to get off the Crazy Train, Kicks

tart Your Heart, or just feel like one of the Shiny Happy People (it gets worse, folks), here are my recommended open enrollment jams.

#1. Stronger (Kelly Clarkson). I promise you, open enrollment will not kill you. Shhh..shh..shhh…. take a deep breath, breath into a paper bag, think happy thoughts. You may feel like death warmed over when your broker tells you your account manager just quit. But when you hear Ms. Clarkson preach, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, you’ll be out of the woods.

#2. Shake Your Rump (Beastie Boys). HR Ladieeeeez (and gents)! Bring sexy back to enrollment with this funky classic. Any song with “Rump”, “Most Mackinest” and that sticky, super-low bass will make folks universally love you. Trust me.

#3. Changes (David Bowie). If you didn’t see this one coming, you need to get thee to Spotify, pronto! No, you didn’t expect a 28% year-over-year cost increase change to your benefits. Yes, your employees will want to throw a tomato at your head when you tell them changes included their doc being dropped from coverage. But you’ve gotta “turn and face the strange/strain” head on.

#4. Gin and Juice (Snoop Dogg). “With my mind on my money and my money on my mind”.   Not all benefit changes are bad. Some will save your home slices real money. Can you say higher corporate 401K match!? Can you say new health savings account!? Can you say flex-spending account!? Your employees will be “laid back”.

Read the rest of my post (and the other 6 great open enrollment songs) on the ALEX Blog.  

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