HR Pros need a win-win-win? Join me and ClearCompany in Napa.


Want a win-win-win?  Want to hear great people talk (win 1) about great talent strategies (win 2) while drinking great wine (win 3)?  Of course you do.  Join me, Kris Dunn, William Tincup, Kyle Lagunas, Maren Hogan, Laurie Ruettimann and a host of others in Napa Valley, CA, for the ClearCompany Talent Success Conference.   

HR Pros–  Smart is as smart does.  To bring continued credibility to your HR function you have to actively pursue opportunities to soak up the knowledge.  I know, you’ve  got a million things shakin’, your conference budgets are limited, and you need a vacation. Well, the ClearCompany Talent Success Conference will provide you the very Nectar-Of-The-Gods you’ve been waiting for.  The conference will share tasty bits of knowledge, for a great price, in a location most love to vacation.   See?  Win-win-win.

Are you with me?  You know you are. Want to learn more?  Here are my pals Kris and Laurie to give you the skinny on their great session.  I’m an Oprah/Grinder mix BTW.  See, now you want to know more!



Hope to see you there.  We’ll toast to you!


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