What I learned on my Christmas Break


Bras, BackFat, Work/Life Balance and Bowie…It’s all in here.

Here we go:

I’m lucky I get to travel.  I work to travel.

Admitting personal stuff on the internet is liberating and scary.  That being said, there are more people in your corner than against you.

My husband is great.  And stubborn.  And smart.  And patient.  And is addicted to foodball (which is better than most addictions).

MiracleSuits are awesome.  I hate backfat.  Not on others, I could care less.  But on me – blech.  And the industry hasn’t redesigned a bra in like 60 years (or 100 or 40, I can’t remember but it’s been a long time).  So Miraclesuit has these great slimmer things that you can wear like everyday and they are comfortable.  Try it.

Speaking of Bras – Check out this New York Times article about ThirdLove.  This is spot on. Hopefully their product is as good as what the article describes.

I’m still in love with Tim Gunn.  He has this great video about the fashion industry not catering to average sized woman (which is now between 16 and 18).  He preaches what I’ve always scratch my head about.  There is so much buying power for this size group, why would any designer make such a bad business decision to not make items for the new average.

I will always struggle with work/life balance.  This is slowly killing me.  It will kill me if I don’t figure this out.

Eating Clean makes you really feel good and is good for your head.

Drinking Wine with friends is good for your soul.

Drinking Champagne is so delicious I need to choose another cocktail of choice.

If you workout with your husband/wife/sister/friend it is much more effective.

If you workout with a professional who actually knows your name, you’ll come back more often.  You’ll push through the shittyness that can be working out.

You are physically stronger than you think.  You may throw up, but you are stronger than you think.

I miss my friends and need to spend more time with them. I miss my family and need to spend more time with them.  I like my neighbors too and need to spend more time with them. Also, my neighbor makes awesome smoked anything including Oysters.

Drinking bedtime tea at night isn’t half bad (who knew).

You can buy amazon books for Kindle that can switch back and forth between reading the book and listening to the book via Audible.  Really great for traveling.  And a great, sneaky, Amazon cross-sell.

My cat rules my house, is spoiled, and I love her.

There’s power in saying positive things.  Check out this video. Apparently when you fear something just say “I’m excited to do this”.  The anxiety doesn’t necessarily go away–it’s just channeled in a positive way.

Search for and appreciate those who advocate for you.

Search for people you should advocate for.

Combine the two groups above and that should be your circle. This doesn’t mean exclude others, just make sure you know who you should not forget nor prioritize time with.

If someone hugs you really tight, it reduces anxiety.  So, I get Bo to bear-hug  me daily.

I’ll miss Carry Fisher, George Micheal, David Bowie, Prince and Gene Wilder.

2016 was a great year.


Here is to everyone having a great 2017.  







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