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Friends –

As someone who attends a lot of HR/Leadership/Engagement conferences I want to put one at the top of your radar.

And since you are pals of mine – I can get you a pretty swell Dawn Magic Discount (up to $700 off the on-sight registration fees). More to come on that later in this post.

My friends at Globoforce are having their 3rd annual WorkHuman Conference May 30th – June 1st, 2017. Since Globoforce is a leader in employee recognition strategy, it made perfect sense they would pull together one of the first conferences truly focused on what I believe is the most important modern HR Strategy: Redesigning a modern workforce.  

You though I was going to say, “People” or “Humanity” or “Culture”. Well, actually those are important and will be highlighted at the WorkHuman Conference. However, those are all components of a larger strategic trend 92% of Sr. Executives say is a key priority. According To Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends report, redesigning the modern organization differently was the #1 priority cited. And guess what that “redesign” includes:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Creating An Authentic Culture
  • Investment in Learning programs
  • New Technology

And THAT, my friends, is what the WorkHuman Conference will be focusing on.

A few things of note:

  • If you liked that snazzy Global Human Capital Trends statistic you are in luck! Josh Bersin from Bersin By Deloitte is one of the speakers at Globoforce. His magic team pulled together that great report.
  • Past Speakers have included Michael J. Fox – so, they bring the goods.
  • There will be a bunch of HRCI/ SHRM credits available.
  • Here is a great link with info to help you justify your trip.
  • It’s in Arizona. I mean, come on.

The Dawn Burke #WorkHuman Discount

When you register use the Dawn Burke Magic code: WH17INF-DBU.

If you register before 1.31.17, you’ll get an extra $100 off the early bird price of $895.

If you register after 1.31.17, you’ll get locked into the still wonderful discounted registration fee of $995.  still a great discount.

Can’t wait to see you there and enjoy the “dry heat”!

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