Want To Be The “Master Of Your Domain”? #WorkHuman adds keynote, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

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Friends —

If you needed another reason to join me and a whole lot of great people at one of the best HR/Leadership/Engagement conferences of the year, Globoforce’s WorkHuman, I’ve got one for you…

One of my favorite people of all time, Julia Louis-Dryfus, has been added to the rosters of great keynote speakers .

And if you decide to attend, you can get the sweet Dawn Magic Discount.  See below for details.

Many of you know I dabbled in acting.  One of the things I learned in theatre school was the importance of being open to others.  Of listening intently to your acting partners on stage so you can respond authentically, in the moment.  Of breaking down all personal barriers to continue to be open.  This is extremely difficult.  Many actors just can’t do it.

She can.

Globoforce CEO, Eric Mosley said, “As one of the great comedic actresses of our time, Julia understands how to embody unique, relatable and, most importantly, human traits that truly bring her characters to life.  Her work reminds us of the importance of authenticity and levity – characteristics that make us undeniably human. She is an inspiring addition to WorkHuman, and we are thrilled to share the stage with her in 2017.”

Need more:  Here are all the reasons I love her: 

  • She has broken the glass ceiling for female comedians.
  • She is funny and classy.  You don’t see that often.
  • She created the Elaine “dance”.  Once you’ve seen that you realize 1/2 the guys you’ve dated do that same dance.
  • She lost the “master of my domain” contest (Seinfield episode “The Contest”) because she ran into John F. Kennedy, Jr.  I mean, who wouldn’t. Totally relatable!
  • She studied theater at Northwestern.  And she was all-in during her alma mater’s championship basketball game last week, when for the first time in program history they are going to the NCAA tourney.  Theatre and a sports lover?  What’s not to love.
  • Did I mention she is really funny.
  • She endured 9 seasons of Kramer (#toosoon ?)
  • She can go toe-to-toe with one of the greatest writers of all time, Larry David.  (you thought I was gonna say Seinfield, didn’t you).
  • Second-City Alum.  If you can crack that egg – you’ve got endurance.
  • She’s married to Christopher Guest. I mean…
  • She’s maintained credibility in her field for what, 3 decades?!
  • One word:  VEEP
  • And she gave a big smooch to another of my favorite actors, Bryan Cranston, at the Emmy’s.

But why do I love her even more, and why is she going to be an incredible addition to the WorkHuman roster? She knows there is more to life than acting. She is an advocate  for the environment, serving on the leadership council for the Natural Resource Defense Council and on the boards of Heal the Bay and Heal the Ocean.

So you must join me at WorkHuman!  And if you do, use the Dawn Magic Discount code,WH17INF-DBU, when you register to get a discount!

See you there.





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