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I’m inviting you to join me at this year’s WorkHuman conference May 30th – June 1st, brought to you by Globoforce. If you come, expect one of the most exciting Leadership/HR events of the year!  Want to see why > CLICK HERE! (yeah, that’s Michelle Obama). And if you decide to come, use my Dawn Magic Code — WH17INF-DBU – to get a $500 DISCOUNT.  

I’m proud to introduce you to WorkHuman speaker, HR pro and friend, Mary Faulkner.   In this videocast, Mary talks about her quick-hit session titled, “The Myth Of Empowerment”.  Mary says, “As much as we say (companies) we want you to be… empowered, we make sure there’s absolutely no way you can be because of the structure we put around you.”

Here’s more — Enjoy!  And see you at WorkHuman, May 30th!






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