WEBINAR TODAY! How To Be FMLAwesome (you read that right!)


Taking leave from work usually stinks.  Most of the time when you need to take FMLA leave, even if it is for joyous occasions (hello new baby bundle-of-joy), it is stressful, confusing, even frightening.

The best way to solve any woe’s caused by FMLA leave confusion? A good communication plan that is easy to digest and can be absorbed by the “modern worker”. One that not only explains details of your leave of absence process, but also shows you actually care about the worker (go figure).

They expect and deserve no less.

JOIN me today with my friends at ALEX for a fun webinar titled, ” How To Be FMLAwesome:  7 Tips For Creating a More Clear, Effective and Empathetic Leave of Absence Process.

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Hope to see you there!



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