TWITTERCHAT:! Join me as host of SHRM #Nextchat: The Secret Recipe for Great Hiring

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.06.08 AMFriends,

Please join me Wend, August 30th, 3pm ET as I host SHRM’s popular #Nextchat.  #Nextchat is a twitterchat where HR pros are given the opportunity to share thoughts, ideas, and best practices with each other on various HR topics.  It’s one of the best “micro-learning” opportunities out there.

If you’ve never participated in a twitterchat – click here for basic instructions.

Wednesday’s Topic:  The hiring manager vs. recruiter relationship.  What are best practices?  Should HR “let go” of the process and allow hiring managers more control? Should recruiters change from interviewers to recruitment trainers?

To see the questions we will tackle, just scroll to the bottom of this page. Also, to read more about our topic, check out the blog post written by SHRM’s own, Mary Kaylor, featuring some of my thoughts on the topic.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the #nextchat!


We want to hear your ideas!  The question we will discuss are:

Q1. Should recruiters let hiring managers run the show? Why or why not?

Q2. What are some of the most common problems between hiring managers and recruiters?

Q3. What are some of the most common misconceptions about hiring managers and recruiters?

Q4. What are the most important questions that recruiters should ask hiring managers at the onset of a search? What information is critical to the success of the search?

Q5. Hiring managers: What do you want your recruiters to know when it comes to helping you find candidates?

Q6. “Teach a man to fish” … What can recruiters teach hiring managers about the recruiting process?

Q7. Hiring managers are often time-strapped. What can recruiters do to help mitigate time issues?

Q8. How is technology changing the relationship between the hiring manager and the recruiter—for better or worse?

Q9. If hiring is a partnership, should recruiters and hiring managers be incentivized together? Why or why not? (Let us know if you’ve tried this in your organization and how it works.)









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