My Toughest Leave of Absence Situations, A Lesson In Action

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My following piece, originally posted on ALEX by JellyVision, is part two in a three part series titled:  My Toughest Leave Of Absence Situations.

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I’m so glad to be writing my second post for ALEX’s “My Toughest Leave Of Absence Situations” series. As I stated in part one of the series (My Toughest Leave Of Absence Situations: A Lesson In Generosity), there are some exceptional benefits-related experiences we aren’t quite prepared for. However, these situations usually teach us the biggest lessons about patience, empathy and grace.

Here is another one of my toughest LoA situations and the lessons I learned from it.

A Lesson In Action

During a particularly busy day, an employee dropped by and told me he needed to talk with me right away. I asked if it was possible to meet later in the afternoon, but the pause in his response gave me the clue he needed help now. After I found a private room he let me know his child had tried to commit suicide the day before. Naturally this statement sucked the air out of the room…

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