Top Question I Still Get from #HR Pros; What Tech do I need?

I speak around the country at conferences about a variety of things.  Hiring, culture, modern employees, learning and development, and burnout are amongst the topics I cover.  Typically after the sessions, it is normal for attendees to come ask me questions about what I presented on.

Unequivocally, the number one question HR pros ask me is “What HR technology do I need to get for my company?”.  The second question, “How do I pay for it?”. Now, HR technology is such an important topic that I likely I mention it in every presentation I give, regardless of topic.  Since HR tech touches every aspect of our function it is always important and relevant to every topic.

Here are some of my thoughts to pros, vendors and pundits. 

  • Not having HR technology in your organization is like a balloon with no helium.  Yeah, you can blow up a ballon manually, and technically it is still a balloon, but it doesn’t fly.
  • If your CEO/CFO (hell, even CHRO) thinks HR tech is a non–essential, they have a head like a hole. Yes, it is black as their souls.  I want to say quit these folks.  But I know, sometimes “I just can’t quit you!”.  In that case, you need to start the education process. Yes YOU.  Not IT, not accounting, YOU.
  • Education tip one:  Don’t expect divine intervention to pop knowledge into your head.  Don’t expect an epiphany.  The only way to get most things done is to do it yourself.  How?
  • Don’t put the cart before the horse.  The order of your tech purchases does make a difference.  My suggestion:
    • Start with a lightweight HRIS system if you are small to medium sized.
    • If you are a huge company, you probably already have an enterprise system in place.  It’s your job to make sure you are using all components of the HR module.  You have no idea how many HR teams have tools and don’t use them
    • Next, trick out your Applicant Tracking System.  This is still the core component to your tech stack. See last weeks post for more on this!
    • Stop there.  You can worry about other stuff later.
  • Don’t be a victim.  Own this.  You’ll be a rock star.  You’ll prove value
  • Get help from Sales.  Why?  They can teach you how to build a business case.  You need advocates anyway, start there.

Good luck – have fun – and make some magic happen.



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