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Hey Gang! 

Join me, Kris Dunn and Jobvite for another great installment of The Recruiter Nation Live Hangout Series! Our next hangout is at 1pm ET on December 14th (this Thursday!).   We’ll discuss the very timely topic:  GETTING READY FOR THE JANUARY HIRING RUSH.


The hangout is an informal thing – we fire up the video and a few slides (emphasis on “few”) and run through a few things in 20-25 minutes.  Kris and I will spread some holiday cheer, delivering recruiting tips to get your team ready for the January recruiting rush. In this hangout we’ll discuss THE GOOD STUFF:

 –How to build your internal and external recruiting “posse” for 2018. 

–What year-end “house-cleaning” (especially within your technology platforms/ATS) must be done to start 2018 with a clean slate. 

–How to partner with your executives and hiring managers to get great results – together. 

–What reporting would help you manage expectations and influence your internal clients to recognize the great work you’re doing?


See you there! 



More on the Jobvite Recruiter Nation Live Series.

If you’re a client or follower of Jobvite, you know the Recruiter Nation Live series.  It started with the Recruiter Nation Live Conference in San Francisco last June, and continued with the Recruiter Nation Live Roadshow that brought real recruiter talk to 9 cities in North America over the last three months.

The feedback was great – you loved it, so we’re back with the latest in the series – the Recruiter Nation Live Hangout Series, hosted by Fistful of Talent and me.  Once a month, FOT will host a live Hangout designed to keep the conversation among recruiters going – focused on things you can use, like the best-kept secrets of today’s smartest and most efficient recruiters, Jedi-mind tricks proven to make you more persuasive/get great candidate response and strategies to hold your hiring managers accountable for their choices–so everyone wins.

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