Top 3 Areas #HR Pros Should Master Now – Talent Vlogs w Dawn Burke

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HR pros, when’s the last time you attended a training and development course? When is the last time you checked to see if your skills were up to par? For most of you, the answer is likely, “not lately”. I mean, for real, where is the time? However, changes in the workplace have placed training and development programs at the top of executive’s lists. The speed of work, the pressure of competition and the rise of new and improved technologies are forcing companies to re-skill employees continuously just to keep up.  HR pros talk continuously about re-skilling our workforces but forget to include themselves in the mix!

In this Saba Talent Vlog, I’ll share with you the top 3 areas all HR pros should master now. Not only will these skills be fairly easy to navigate, but you can likely use resources within your own organization to acquire them.


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