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OK – I bit.

Someone challenged me to create a #SHRM18 conference playlist.  Since I love music, and listen to lots of it – I said sure thing.

So, here is my playlist.  Songs can be attributed to HR functions, summer songs,  songs you’ll wanna play as you walk 4 miles across the conference center through 18K people (GOT Theme!), songs to get you through your morning hangover (Save a Prayer !), songs to help you get up at 8am for the keynote, songs about Chicago, songs by Chicago artists, songs about baseball, of course just stuff I like!

And of course — Pentatonix, the SHRM conference entertainment.

There is a little something for everyone. Enjoy!




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Dawn Hrdlica-Burke

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2 thoughts on “@Dawnhburke #SHRM18 Spotify Playlist

  1. Dawn….Dawn… no Blues, No Buddy Guy…nothing from Chess Records….nothing from Chicago…..girl, who was your guru on this?????

  2. I know!! I stink! I started looking up some buddy guy and got distracted! Now I really like the blues, respect the blues, but don’t luuuv the blues. So throw me some Clark St blues awesomeness and we’ll add it!

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