#HRTechConf 2018: Text Recruiting Is HERE

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Yesterday the 2018 #HRTechnology conference kicked off in wonderful, fabulous Las Vegas. HR pros, this is a conference that should be on your annual must-go-to list, so add it to your 2019 budget now. Most companies use some sort of employee “system of record”in the modern workforce. Whether it is a Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Human Capital Management (HCM), or just a payroll system that keeps up with all employee information, companies and HR department simply do not function well without tech.
In prepping for the conference I’ve seen a common theme: systems are upping their functionality in significant ways, specifically AI (Artificial Intelligence), video interviewing and (drum roll), text-based recruiting.
Regarding text-based recruiting platforms, the truth is company adoption on this functionality has been slow, as anything new to market is. However, text-base recruiting will be the new norm sooner-than-later.
Here are a few stats that are compelling this Gen Xer to get the text recruiting message to the world pronto:
  • More Applicant Tracking Systems or comprehensive talent acquisition platforms are including Text Recruiting capabilities. For instance with HCM/TA companies like iCims acquiring Text Recruit and Jobvite adding text platform, Canvas, to their bag of tricks, other large HR platforms are sure to follow suit.
  • A recent survey from Common Sense Media stated 61% of teenagers prefer to communicate via text (compared to 42% in 2012).
  • In addition, 98%j of text messages are read within 2 minutes! Texts are shorter and directly in candidate’s line of sight on their smart phones. Only 20% of emails are even responded to at all.
I’ll be sure to report more on next-generation text-base recruiting platforms. In the meantime, be sure to follow the #HRTechConf twitter hashtag, to get the latest and greatest info from the conference in real time.

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