New Jobs & The Beginner’s Mindset

Approximately a month ago I officially joined Three Ears Media with my partner in crime Katrina Kibben. We are a workplace solutions company focused on helping HR teams become self-sufficient recruitment marketers, understand their corporate culture and up their overall candidate experiences. We create hiring cultures that connect with candiates.

It’s been a ride. A great one. But it’s also been a little like the Teacups at Disney. Alluring, so friendly, has the great mouse popping up to give you encouragement and is overall really fun. And, then it starts the spin. That *$#@ spin. The spin your niece laughs hysterically at, while you start to hold your stomach. on a DISNEY RIDE!

Finally, you realize you’ve got this teacup thing wrong. You’re not looking at the ride experience like the first time you rode the cups in 1979. You’re not looking at the experience as a beginner.

And that’s a little bit how starting a new job is. Awesome and scary at once. To stop the scary, most of us in a new job default to what we know. We forget to embrace the greatness of learning the new. We forget to say, “Hey, on this topic, explain it to me like a kindergartener, step by step.” We forget to put ego aside and give ourselves a break. We don’t know everything. We can’t know everything.

Luckily for Katrina and I, since we are OK with putting it all out there (you guys know this!), we got to this topic quickly. We shared what we knew, but mainly what we didn’t know collectively. Then we made a plan on how we could be both learners and teachers for each other.

I attended an event where 12 of us got together to talk about the future of work. One of mantras was to attack the conversations using the beginner’s mindset. We even got a token to remind us to attack life this way.

I encourage you to do the same. If you want, feel free to copy the picture of that token and hang on your cube wall, keep in your wallet, or share with a co-worker. It makes a big difference. Make your version of the Teacup ride fun again.

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