Free Job Posting Workshop!

If you are an HR Pro or even a recruiting specialist, I bet my bottom dollar you never learned how to write a job posting. In my entire career, I never did.

I don’t mean a job description you slap on your career site. I don’t mean taking the same job posting Google uses and making it “your own”. I mean an effective, job posting which is an authentic piece of advertising used to pull the best candidates to your career site.

And by best candidates, I mean the ones who know they can benefit personally from the job, can knock the requirements out of the park, and relate to your company’s purpose, mission, and values. In a word, they resonate with your culture.

I’ve got an offering to finally teach you how! And it’s free.

I am thrilled to announce, me and my pal Katrina Kibben are offering 2 live online workshops where you can learn exactly how to write a better job posting.

Our 2-part course is built on understanding the person on the other side and your company, then translating that feeling into job post content that connects with candidates.

My class, Crash Course In Culture: Creating Mission & Values To Improve Job Postings, I’ll show you how to translate that feeling of a great place to work into your job postings with a memorable mission and value statement.

Katrina’s class covers the fundamentals: how do you pick your job title, write better job post content and create better bullets. Together, you and Katrina will write a new job post in the workshop. You can sign up here. 

Did I mention that these 2 workshops are free?

To register, just sign up at the link below to pick your date.

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