About Dawn…

I’m an HR leader, advisor, speaker and writer specializing in new HR practices, leadership and workplace culture.  I preach HR’s focus toward connecting rather than policing.  HR is so much more than policing.

My HR and leadership career has spanned the last 20 years, most recently serving as VP of People for a Birmingham, AL, based, award-winning technology company, Daxko.  In executive roles I’ve been responsible and committed to sustaining fast-paced, engaging and profitable corporate cultures.

Oh, and I’ve got lots of experience in lots of non-HR jobs too. Yes, I’ve served french-fries at drive-throughs and gave about 10,000 lotion samples at Bath and Body Works long ago.

I love connecting. So, let’s connect. Here’s a few places you can do just that!

  • I write for blogs (Fistful of Talent, Alex.com, ClearCompany and SHRM conference blogs).
  • I host talent management videocasts (“No Scrubs”; “HR On The Run”)
  • I speak at conferences and host webinars (Check out ________ page to see where)
  • I’m a member of SHRM, ATAP and BSHRM

And in case you didn’t know: 

I have wanderlust. I have lots of fun. I’m self-conscious. I love anything cherry flavored. I’m addicted to tv (yah, so what…). I love live music. I love my family.  I’m a theatre geek. I love to cry at movies.  I’m loyal to my friends. I think wine and a wheel of brie makes a well-balanced dinner.  The perfect cocktail is a French75. I sing in my car daily.  I never make my bed in the morning. And my husband and cat are the Yin to my Yang.