Dawn is an HR leader, advisor, and speaker specializing in new HR practices, recruiting, leadership, employee engagement, and workplace culture. She believes the workplace is much more than a cubicle we whittle away our precious time waiting for a paycheck. She thinks all deserve a career that fulfills a sense of purpose. She also knows organizations, Leaders, HR Teams, and Talent Acquisition Pros who value human connection, employee/candidate engagement, and link a team member’s work to their purpose have better results. 

Currently, Dawn has hit the trifecta! In addition to being Founder of Dawn Burke HR, she is also Sr. Consultant at Recruiting Toolbox and a BOSS Leadership Instructor with Kinetix HR. To learn more about this winning combination, check out How Dawn Can Help You. 

Haven’t Heard of Dawn?

She love’s connecting. For 10 years, she’s been sharing modern HR ideas through a variety of national blogs, publications, webinars, and speaking presentations all over the land. Publications include Fistful Of Talent, LinkedIn, WorkHuman, SHRM. She’d love to connect with you too!

And in case you didn’t know: 

Dawn has wanderlust. She has lots of fun. She is self-conscious. She loves anything cherry flavored. She’s addicted to tv. She loves live music. She loves her family. She’s a theatre geek. She loves to cry at movies. She’s loyal to her friends. She thinks wine and a wheel of brie makes a well-balanced dinner. She knows the perfect cocktail is a French75. She sings in her car daily. She never makes her bed in the morning. And her husband and cat are the Yin to her Yang.