Dawn Tour – Come See Me Speak


Dawn Chicago - hand


March 14:  HR Flip or Flop: Session One) Learning and Development Selfies. How To Customize Learning Programs for the “i” Generation ; Session 2) . Does Your Organization Need a Facelift? The importance of re-designing a culture centric Workforce.  Alabama SHRM Workshop, Huntsville, AL.

May 12:  Clearing The Path Panel, The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, Birmingham, AL.

May 30-Jun1:  Workhuman Conference, Phoenix, AZ.

Sept 11-12:  General Session Speaker, Daxko REACH User’s Conference, Houston, TX.

Sept 13 -14: HR Fantasies, Fads and Fundamentals, Clear Company Talent Success Conference, Boston, MA.

Sept 27-29:  General Session Speaker, Northeast Human Resources Association Annual Conference, Falmouth, MA.

October 16-18:  The Secret Recipe for Great Hiring?  Make Your Leaders “Finger Licking Good, Y’all”, ERE Fall Recruiting Conference, Minneapolis, MN.



January 28:  Onboarding– It Can Be More Than 100 Pages Of Paperwork. REGISTER >>ow.ly/XBy5O& D Hangout with Fistful Of Talent & Kris Dunn (sponsored by Meridian).

April 27:  Dead Man Walking!  Being An HR Wingman Is Killing Your Career.  DisruptHR Chicago. 

May 25:  HR Revival! How Reviving Yourself Will Wake Up Your Team and Bring Life To Your Company.  Cayman Islands Society of Human Resources Professionals Annual Conference.

June 19 -22:  Great Cultures > The Ultimate Intimate Experience.  Smart Stage Speaker: SHRM National Conference, Washington, D.C.




One thought on “Dawn Tour – Come See Me Speak

  1. Hi Dawn,

    Hope you are well.

    Really enjoying your blog and would love the opportunity to contribute the 3 am madness. Could we speak further via phone or email?

    Hope to hear from you!


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