VideoCast Throwback: What Keeps Recruiters Up At Night

Lord I love a hair flip….

I am a contributor for a great talent management blog called Fistful Of Talent.  There I host a videocast series called No Scrubs sponsored by my pals at Jobvite.  No Scrubs is all about talent management, recruiting, engagement and essentially every topic related to finding and keeping your talent.

Check out the video above as I riff with my pal Tim Sackett, President at HRU Technical Resources, on a post where I interviewed corporate recruiters on their top takeaways/tools used in their day-to-day recruiting life. Tim dishes on the post and gives his opinion on the tools these “in-the-trench” recruiters reference, as well as what he really believes motivates a corporate recruiter versus an agency recruiter.

You can find this and other great stuff at Fistful Of Talent.  Check it out–


What I learned on my Christmas Break


Bras, BackFat, Work/Life Balance and Bowie…It’s all in here.

Here we go:

I’m lucky I get to travel.  I work to travel.

Admitting personal stuff on the internet is liberating and scary.  That being said, there are more people in your corner than against you.

My husband is great.  And stubborn.  And smart.  And patient.  And is addicted to foodball (which is better than most addictions).

MiracleSuits are awesome.  I hate backfat.  Not on others, I could care less.  But on me – blech.  And the industry hasn’t redesigned a bra in like 60 years (or 100 or 40, I can’t remember but it’s been a long time).  So Miraclesuit has these great slimmer things that you can wear like everyday and they are comfortable.  Try it.

Speaking of Bras – Check out this New York Times article about ThirdLove.  This is spot on. Hopefully their product is as good as what the article describes.

I’m still in love with Tim Gunn.  He has this great video about the fashion industry not catering to average sized woman (which is now between 16 and 18).  He preaches what I’ve always scratch my head about.  There is so much buying power for this size group, why would any designer make such a bad business decision to not make items for the new average.

I will always struggle with work/life balance.  This is slowly killing me.  It will kill me if I don’t figure this out.

Eating Clean makes you really feel good and is good for your head.

Drinking Wine with friends is good for your soul.

Drinking Champagne is so delicious I need to choose another cocktail of choice.

If you workout with your husband/wife/sister/friend it is much more effective.

If you workout with a professional who actually knows your name, you’ll come back more often.  You’ll push through the shittyness that can be working out.

You are physically stronger than you think.  You may throw up, but you are stronger than you think.

I miss my friends and need to spend more time with them. I miss my family and need to spend more time with them.  I like my neighbors too and need to spend more time with them. Also, my neighbor makes awesome smoked anything including Oysters.

Drinking bedtime tea at night isn’t half bad (who knew).

You can buy amazon books for Kindle that can switch back and forth between reading the book and listening to the book via Audible.  Really great for traveling.  And a great, sneaky, Amazon cross-sell.

My cat rules my house, is spoiled, and I love her.

There’s power in saying positive things.  Check out this video. Apparently when you fear something just say “I’m excited to do this”.  The anxiety doesn’t necessarily go away–it’s just channeled in a positive way.

Search for and appreciate those who advocate for you.

Search for people you should advocate for.

Combine the two groups above and that should be your circle. This doesn’t mean exclude others, just make sure you know who you should not forget nor prioritize time with.

If someone hugs you really tight, it reduces anxiety.  So, I get Bo to bear-hug  me daily.

I’ll miss Carry Fisher, George Micheal, David Bowie, Prince and Gene Wilder.

2016 was a great year.


Here is to everyone having a great 2017.  







Control Your HR World W These Princess Leia Tricks


Since learning Carrie Fisher passed away, I thought it would be nice to repost my Fistful Of Talent post from January 2016.  Enjoy!


You say you’ve lost control? You’ve never had control. But you can’t let that stop you. You’ve got work to do—good work. You’ve got people who depend on you and need you. And, yeah, having a job pretty much is a must (You still have that mortgage to pay, kids who need school supplies, and dammit… yes, yes, yes, paying for a manicure is totally worth every dollar. And hair color. And premium ice-cream).

Channel your Princess Leia. If there is one lady who had the crap end of the stick, it was she. And, you never saw her lose it. So, she was always snippy at Han (who wouldn’t be) and yes, she kissed her brother. But nobody’s perfect.

Here’s how:

Be OK not being in control. This is a Jedi Mind trick, I know. A mental exercise we all must conquer. Sometimes you gotta channel The Force big time to overcome this, but you MUST find a way to be OK with this.  I mean, really, everyone in corporate America… EVERYONE… feels they don’t have control. Because they just don’t. I’m pretty sure Leia didn’t wake up one morning thinking her planet wouldn’t be blown up right in front of her face.  But she still rolled with the punches in the trash compactor.

Read the rest of my post (and lots of other great stuff) at Fistful Of Talent…. 

I Woke Up To A President Trump > This Is What HR Can Learn


It’s the day after the election at Daxko (where I work), and lots of people have taken PTO. It is remarkably quiet in the office. Interesting.

I don’t write about politics. I’m not educated enough on that topic to be anyone’s voice in politics. Alexander Hamilton would probably hate me, but I’m a card-carrying fence-straddler (he hated Aaron Burr’s mantra “Talk Less. Smile More. Don’t let them know what you’re against or for”). I vote issues, not party. That means I’m not entertaining – which means many wouldn’t find me politically read-worthy.

But I am someone who thinks about leadership, HR and talent management. I am an HR Pro whose job it is to help people through change. I am also someone who knows that team members come to me for advice on how to help people struggling with life/work events. And, by the number of people who took PTO on Wednesday (on both sides of the aisle) Tuesday night was a pretty big event in many peoples live.

So when I woke up Wednesday morning I had to think through what my role at work could require me to do today. I had to figure out, what the hell do I actually think today. What support can I give/ should I give/ is appropriate to give. Here is what I discerned.

Read the rest of my post (and lots of other great stuff) at Fistful Of Talent…. 

Thinking about #Recruiting Assessments> Don’t Miss #FOT Webinar


The gang at Fistful of Talent is back with some more recruiting gold.  If you are in HR, Recruiting, Leadership and like talking about sports, this webinar is for YOU.

Join my pals, recruiting experts, R.J. Morris and Kris Dunn as they present(drum roll…)

Free Agent Nation: Using Talent Assessments To Build Your Superteam!

In this webinar you will learn:

–How to research/implement assessments (and avoid getting sued) and sell the concept of leveraging external assessments to the company bigwigs

–How to use the profiles of your existing team to understand the candidates in your recruiting funnel that have the best chance at succeeding AND raising the overall performance of your team. You need performance. You also need someone that can blend with the team you have and make it better. We’ll show you how to use existing team profiles to spot the right fit.

–How to use your assessment platform to give your managers incredible leverage to onboard their new hires, with a focus on what makes each employee special – as well as what could hurt them in your unique culture.

–A roadmap for how your managers can embed behavioral observations into their performance coaching – a must if you want max performance!

As all Fistful webinars, you won’t want to miss this.




HR Pros need a win-win-win? Join me and ClearCompany in Napa.


Want a win-win-win?  Want to hear great people talk (win 1) about great talent strategies (win 2) while drinking great wine (win 3)?  Of course you do.  Join me, Kris Dunn, William Tincup, Kyle Lagunas, Maren Hogan, Laurie Ruettimann and a host of others in Napa Valley, CA, for the ClearCompany Talent Success Conference.   

HR Pros–  Smart is as smart does.  To bring continued credibility to your HR function you have to actively pursue opportunities to soak up the knowledge.  I know, you’ve  got a million things shakin’, your conference budgets are limited, and you need a vacation. Well, the ClearCompany Talent Success Conference will provide you the very Nectar-Of-The-Gods you’ve been waiting for.  The conference will share tasty bits of knowledge, for a great price, in a location most love to vacation.   See?  Win-win-win.

Are you with me?  You know you are. Want to learn more?  Here are my pals Kris and Laurie to give you the skinny on their great session.  I’m an Oprah/Grinder mix BTW.  See, now you want to know more!


Hope to see you there.  We’ll toast to you!


Career Page Need A Lift? Daxko’s Got You Covered

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.19.09 PM

Come on folks.  You know your careers page needs an facelift.  You know first impressions to candidates mean a lot. You’re not sure where to start.  Never fear…

Yesterday 2 of my Daxko People Team Members, Beth Wolfe (Talent Acquisition Specialist) and Janna Bradt (Talent Marketing Manager) hosted a webinar for Silkroad, a top software provider specializing in onboarding.  Daxko was a winner of the Silkroad Golden Portal award, recognized for having a terrific career portal for candidates and onboarding system for new hires.

Although the content does share SilkRoad specific items,  most of the content is good for all audiences.  So, If you want some great tips and tricks — checkout this webinar. 

I’m so proud of these ladies!  (sniff)